Our CEO & Co-Founder, Dan Kirby, is on a mission to help other business owners avoid his self-inflicted-sabotage, since he blew up the business back in 2017 (things are back on track now otherwise we wouldn’t be here!). So, he’s interviewing top entrepreneurs on his podcast, Honey, I Blew Up The Business, to see how they’ve turned adversity and failure into growth and success.

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Every month, we’ll be rounding up the best bits from the podcast to help you NOT blow up your business.

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Podcast Special Guests:

Pip Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO at amicable

Pip shares lessons about combating the fear of making wrong decisions, approaching stressful situations thoughtfully and how to be an effective leader in crisis.

Podcast Episode 8: Pip Wilson
Pip Wilson

Top tip: Entrepreneurs cannot let stress get the best of them because “in times of crises people will look to leaders to make them feel that there’s a plan and a way forward”.

Listen to Pip’s podcast episode here.

David Braithwaite, Director and Principal Financial Adviser at Citrus Financial Management

David and Dan have a really candid conversation and get into the practical steps you can take when things are feeling too much, building on lessons learnt from their own tough times.

David Braithwaite

Top tip: Don’t feel too proud to ask for help as “people around you can be [of] more help if you only stop and just ask for it”. You may feel like a failure in those moments but eventually, you will gain perspective when this major event is in your past.

Listen to David’s podcast episode here.

Paul Mort, Leader Of Men at Unstoppable

Paul talks bluntly about dealing with addiction, bipolar disorder and suicidal thoughts. He shares the truth behind ‘victim mentality’, how and why men hide their insecurities, and extreme ownership of your problems.

Podcast Episode 10: Paul Mort
Paul Mort

Top tip: To get good at something… just keep doing it. The only difference between a white belt and a black belt is simply that fact that the black belt has more practice. Find the thing you want to get good at: and keep at it!

Listen to Paul’s podcast episode here.

Mike Lander, CEO at Piscari

Mike shares the human and financial impact of getting into things you don’t understand, sticking to your ethics, having a lifelong commitment to learning-by-doing, how NOT to network and seeing business as experiments.

Podcast Episode 11: Mike Lander
Mike Lander

Top tip: Always have a long-term, sustainable pipeline of clients you can choose because it helps you “avoid dumb decisions… just to make payroll”. Analyse the benefits and value that you offer to clients that convert and use it to package your offers to others.

Listen to Mike’s podcast episode here.

Gavin J Gallagher, Real Estate Mogul & Executive Director at Earlsfort Group

Gavin and Dan explore the depths you can reach when hard times hit, and what you can do to get out. He shares how to keep your ego at bay and take extreme ownership of your life.

Podcast Episode 12: Gavin J Gallagher
Gavin J Gallagher

Top tip: If you constantly compare yourself with others “you'll never be happy because there’s always somebody who's just bought a newer car or a better model of the watch“ (and it’s probably on credit). You are not your possessions.

Listen to Gavin’s podcast episode here.

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